Types of Appointments

Scheduled Comprehensive Exam
A routine wellness checkup or sick exam which is scheduled ahead of time. This type of exam has a minimal wait time with priority over other exams excluding emergencies. To schedule a sick visit or wellness check up, click below!
Scheduled Comprehensive Exam
Drop-off Comprehensive Exam
A routine wellness checkup or sick exam which is scheduled ahead of time but has limited time slots with priority given to sick pets. You will drop off your pet between 7:30am - 9:30am Monday through Friday, and at 8:30 on Saturdays, and will be called when they have been seen by the doctor. Pick up times will vary. Your pet MUST be current on all required vaccines for a drop-off appointment. Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella Cats: we require Feline Distemer and Rabies. Click below to fill our your drop-off form online.
Drop-off Online Form
Same-day Comprehensive Exam
This exam is for sick pets ONLY and is scheduled the same day you call. There are limited time slots available so we recommend to call us as early as 7:30am Monday through Friday. Upon arrival, there is a minimal wait time excluding emergencies. This is a thorough head-to-tail exam.
Walk-in Comprehensive Exam
A full head-to-tail exam that does not require an appointment. However, please be prepared to wait anywhere from 1-3 hours just as you would a human hospital or walk-in clinic. We accept walk-ins anytime before 5:00pm on weekdays and before 1:00pm on Saturdays. Our walk-in exam is $75.00.
Medical Progress Visit
The Medical Progress Visit is typically scheduled within 14 days of your pet's original exam to recheck your pet's condition and confirm the doctor's diagnosis and treatment. It also allows refills on medication for a period of time. A discount is given if the MPV is prepaid for during your pet's original exam.