Asheville Highway Animal Hospital is “A Special Place for Pets and People”.  We pride ourselves in offering high quality medicine for pets and offering extensive education and support to their people.  Our team demonstrates compassionate and loving care for animals in all stages of their lives.  We understand the excitement of welcoming a new furry family member to your home, the enjoyment of watching him or her grow through adulthood, and the desire of keeping your pet comfortable and healthy during the senior years.  With a combined doctoral experience of 90+ years, our veterinarians have a wealth of knowledge and understanding  to help you make decisions about the unique care for each of your animals.

Our hospital was started in 1979 as a one-veterinarian animal clinic operated in the same location by the founder, Dr. Joseph Kendrick. “Dr. Joe” has a deep love for animals and a vision of a veterinary hospital that treats pets with the same level of medical care and attention given to human patients.  It was his insight and dedication to veterinary medicine that has brought the family owned clinic to where it is today. Now accompanied by his son “Dr. Rick” Kendrick, his daughter-in-law “Dr. Reichla” Kendrick, and “Dr. Lori” Baxter, our full service facility offers comprehensive and up-to-date medical treatment for pets.

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