We offer boarding (overnight or day boarding) for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

 Cat boarding               bird         Dog boarding

We strive to keep all of our pets happy and healthy.  In order to maintain a healthy environment for your pet when boarding, we require that all pets are up to date on the following:


  • Rabies Vaccination * DHPPV Vaccination·* Bordetella Vaccination·*  Fecal Check (yearly)


  • Rabies Vaccination*   FVRCP Vaccination *   Fecal Check (yearly)


  • Comprehensive Physical Exam (yearly) *   Fecal Check may be needed (yearly)


The AHAH Boarding Experience

  • Dog CotsEach dog will have his/her private run (housemates can stay together in the same run, if preferred).  Each cat will have his/her private condo (unless multiple cats from the same home prefer to stay together, then 2 condos will be linked).
  • Dogs will have a “cozy cot” and cats will have a “comfy couch” provided by AHAH.  You may bring their personal bedding, blankets, and toys to give their accommodations a more personal touch, if desired.
  • All dogs will be fed dry Purina EN once a day and cats will be fed dry Science Diet once a day.   If your pet is on a special diet and/or needs to adhere to a specific feeding schedule, please let us know and we will be happy to comply.
  • All dogs will be walked no less than twice a day in our dog exercise area.  All cats will have 2 play periods with a member of our kennel staff each day.  (Additional activities are available al la carte.)
  • All pets will be brushed once a day.

*A la carte Services*

  1. Supervised 15 minute play time with activities in our dog exercise area.

  • Playing with Bubbles
  • Frisbee / Ball Toss
  •  “Pool Party” in shallow pool
  • dog playingTreadmill Walks
  1. Bathing

Each bath includes bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear clean & anal gland    expression.  Bathing is available for cats and dogs. Prices vary.

  1. Grooming

Every groom includes hair cut, bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear clean & anal gland expression.  Grooming is available for cats and dogs, by appointment.    Prices vary.

  1. Sunday Pick Up

Don’t want to wait until Monday to pick up your pet? No problem.  Available by appointment only, AHAH now offers Sunday pick up between 5:00 pm and 5:15 pm.  Sunday Pick-Up requires prepayment.

Dog Housing Facility

  • Dogs are housed in climate controlled, large indoor stainless steel runs at night and covered, shaded outside runs during the day
  • Flushing drains for easy cleaning
  • Air scrubbing machine that filters out hair and microbes. The air in the entire boarding kennel is changed six times per hour.
  • Outside exercise area where animals remain in individual runs during the day
  • A dog walking park is available for playtimes
  • Trained Veterinary Assistants available to administer any medications needed and trained Petcare Attendants are available to personally check elimination habits each day.


Cat Housing Facility

Cats are housed in climate-controlled, air-filtered room with large windows that allow exposure to sunlight. Each cat is housed separately in a “condo.” The condos have a glass back, allowing the cats to see outside, and they have a perch for resting. Duplex condos are available if clients want larger housing for their cat.


Exotic Pet Housing

Exotic Pets who board with us will need to bring their cage, any special bedding, food, medications (if applicable), and any special instructions. We prefer that you schedule a time to meet our Veterinarian on staff who examines exotic pets in order to discuss and exam your pet before boarding.