Spay and Neuter

Millions of healthy dogs and cats being euthanized in the United States each year simply because there aren’t enough homes to go around and shelters are reaching maximum capacity.

By spaying/neutering your pet, you'll help to control this overpopulation along with added health benefits. 

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The ovario-hysterectomy or “spay” is equivalent to a complete hysterectomy for a woman and is considered a major surgery. Spaying your pet has many benefits such as reducing the risk of breast cancer and preventing the female from going into heat and becoming pregnant.  A pet in heat, overweight, or with an infected uterus creates additional complications that our doctors are very skilled to handle.


The castration or “neuter” procedure is the removal of both testicles from a male. Some of the benefits of neutering your male dog or cat include decreasing aggressive or heightened territorial behaviors, not having as many “accidents” in the home, and making them less likely to smell and thus run off in order to seek out females in heat. It also lessens the chance of prostate cancer.

What is involved in these procedures?


Asheville Highway Animal Hospital veterinarians and support team are fully equipped to handle any complications that may arise while your pet is under general anesthesia.  Pets are monitored routinely by taking their temperature, pulse, and respiration until they are fully awake and able to walk.  They recover on heating pads and blankets with extra tender loving care depending on their needs.  At no time are your pets left alone while under general anesthesia. Our team will fully educate our clients about post surgical at-home care. Our team members contact our clients after their pets have returned home from surgery to offer any support while the pet is healing. Our patients typically return to our hospital within 10 days for a follow up appointment. We are readily available to answer any and all of your questions after your pet has experienced a major surgery or alteration such as a spay or neuter. 

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