Does your pet’s breath smell bad? Have you noticed tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth? Just as your  dentist cleans your teeth once or twice a year, pets should have their teeth checked and cleaned regularly too. Often times pet owners try to understand the need for their dog or cat to have regular dental care.  After years of eating soft canned food or even crunchy food, plaque and tartar buildup and telltale yellow stains may accumulate on their teeth.

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This buildup can lead to gingivitis which is an infection of the gums or even more severe periodontal disease.  If infection gets into the gum, it can attack the animal’s body with bacteria and poisons.  These infections have been linked to heart, kidney, and liver problems. Dental cleanings require general anesthesia.

Clients often report how much happier their pets are after a dental cleaning.  It may be one of the best annual gifts you can give your pet.