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    I understand and agree if the need arises, emergency and medical treatment for my pet will be provided by the doctor(s) and staff of Asheville Highway Animal Hospital and I agree to pay all reasonable costs associated with such treatment. In the event of an illness or emergency, a representative from Asheville Highway Animal Hospital will make every effort to contact me at the number I have provided. If I cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time, I authorize the doctors of Asheville Highway Animal Hospital to make medical decisions in the best interest of my pet. We strive to keep a clean and flea-free boarding environment for your pet. In order to do so, any boarding pet that has fleas or ticks upon check-in will receive a medicated bath at owner's expense.
    In order to protect your pet’s health, the staff at Asheville Highway Animal Hospital may remove your pet’s belongings should they become a medical risk, i.e. chewing, swallowing, or entanglements. This facility maintains the right to facilitate any medical procedures needed at the expense of the client should ingested items cause sickness.
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  • A La Carte Services

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    Dogs are walked twice a day in our exercise yard. Supervised 15-minute play time with activities in our dog exercise yard can be added Monday-Friday. Cat play times are available M-F as well. Would you like any special playtimes while they are boarding? (additional charges may apply).
    Each bath/shear includes bathing, brushing, nail trim, ear clean, & anal gland expression. Bathing is available for cats and dogs. Prices vary according to size of pet and condition of hair (mats, etc.)
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  • Sunday Pick-Up

    Don’t want to wait until Monday to pick up your pet? No Problem. AHAH offers Sunday pick-up between 4:45pm – 5:00pm. (Additional Fee applies. Sunday Pick-ups must be pre-paid at check-in.)
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    We recommend bringing your food with you as a change in your pets’ diet along with stress may cause intestinal upset.
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