Holiday Pet Safety Tips Quiz

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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips 2022

Treats in stockings? Unchewed treats can get stuck in a pet's throat or cause stomach problems if eaten quickly.(Required)
Homemade ornaments made with large amounts of salt may poison pets.(Required)
Kitties like to play with tinsel. Beware, they can cause major stomach problems.(Required)
Poinsettia, holly and mistletoe can be toxic. Keep out of reach.(Required)
Do not give table scraps. Fatty ham, bones and sweets can cause pancreatitis and serious intestinal damage.(Required)
Chocolate and alcohol are extremely toxic to pets.(Required)
Xylitol found in gums, candies, and sweets can be fatal.(Required)
Close and put away snack bags so that pets do not get into them and suffocate.(Required)