Featured Pet: Gracella

gracellaGracella Stansberry, or “Gracie” as she is affectionately called at the clinic, is a 15 year old calico domestic short haired feline. Gracie belongs to Carol Stansberry, otherwise known as “1721” which is her client number. Gracie has been coming to AHAH since October of 1993 and was diagnosed with feline diabetes in July of 2002. Her parents do a wonderful job of maintaining her diabetes with medication according to her doctor’s instructions. Gracie is leash trained and loves to ride in the car. She is a very sweet and loving feline who never meets a stranger. One of her favorite pastimes is to welcome company into her parent’s home.

Featured Pet: Tara

tara-laytonTara Layton, a 13 yr. old Springer Spaniel, has been coming to the clinic since March 9, 2001. She is a very loving, well mannered girl and is welcomed heartily when she comes in. This past year Tara however, Tara’s mother, the Doctors and employees of the clinic had quite a scare. Unfortunately she began having seizures that required her to be hospitalized; during this time Dr. Joe & Dr. Rick worked diligently to adjust the appropriate medication dosages to improve Tara’s condition; this along with the great amount of love she receives from her family helped her to get through this situation and to date she has made tremendous strides in her recovery.

Featured Pet: Dae-Dae

dae-daeDae-Dae Brown is a Dogue De Bordeaux (Turner and Hooch Dog) that has been coming to “doggie daycare” 3 times a week since February 2007 and can’t wait to tell the staff “hello” in the mornings. This breed is known to be very loyal to their master, loves children, and loves other pets. They are known as “gentle giants”, weighing in at 100 to 180 pounds, but are also known to have hip and joint problems.

Dae-Dae’s favorite pastimes other than coming to the clinic are car rides and swimming. The staff enjoys having him come to the clinic and all love to see the “big man” as he enters the building. Nevertheless, he has to also tell everyone “goodbye” as he leaves.

Featured Pet: Sheva

sheva-profileSheva Middlebrooks has been our honorary receptionist for four years. She greets clients daily and willingly accepts treats after being prompted to demonstrate a “trick” or two. Sheva first joined our team after her parents continuously found their home practically demolished due to separation anxiety. Therefore, she began daycare in our boarding facility and gradually graduated to her current position behind the receptionist desk. Sheva is an integral part of our family, is loved by all, and is always missed when she is absent from “work”. If she has not reached her daily maximum, ask Sheva “do you want a cookie?” the next time you visit our office.