R.I.P. Sheva Middlebrooks

Sheva was one special girl!!! She was an honorary receptionist for over a decade due to having severe separation anxiety.  Many of our clients loved to ask her if she wanted a cookie.  Sheva would place her front paws onto the countertop and never disappointed anyone by nodding her head “yes” and enjoying her special treat.  One of the receptionists would say, “Sheva, mailman” and would run up to the reception door to get her daily treat from our mail delivery person.  Sheva knew that the treatment area was where all the medical action took place.  Thoughts of one of the doctors placing a thermometer in her rear or giving an injection was so unpleasant that she would turn her head to avoid looking at the area when passing it to go out to potty. However, when she didn’t feel well, she would willingly go up to a doctor to let them know.  She had an uncanny ability to tell time because she knew when her family was driving into the parking lot and waited for them at the reception door.  She has jumped the gate into her granddaddy’s arms when he arrived.  We would watch her choose the correct Hello Kitty leash, leave with her family, and drive in the convertible into the sunset.   We will eternally have a special place in our hearts for Sheva Middlebrooks. Rest in peace sweet girl.  We will love you FOREVER.

Meet Roxie!!!!

IMG_0288IMG_0295Say hello to Roxie. This beautiful bird is a cockatoo. Roxie comes to see us every few months to get her nails and wings trimmed. Although, they are not her favorite things to have done while here. She does like all the attention she gets before and after. She will gladly lift a wing to have you give her a scratch. Her owners tell us she is very silly at home. She does say a few things too such as I love you. She will bark like a dog and she likes to ask herself what she’s doing.  We enjoy seeing Roxie whether it’s for a trim or to just say hi. She will make you smile when you see her.

Featured Pet: George Miller

FB_IMG_1428156218812Oh how curious the AHAH team was about George!! This month’s pet spotlight is a 9yr old coonhound named George (Miller). George came to us with blood in his urine and straining to urinate. His owners were very worried about him. After examining George extensively and performing various diagnostic tests, our doctors discovered a stone lodged in his urethra preventing him to pass any urine. Poor George was experiencing great pain and discomfort. Our doctors surgically removed the large stone and alsoFB_IMG_1429730576775 discovered many smaller stones that were removed as well.  Later that evening after George recovered from surgery, he was able to urinate normally again.  Now George’s owner reports that he is doing very well.  He is back to his old self loving life and sleeping on the couch.