Featured Pet: Nala

nalaThis pretty little Pointer mix is Nala. She has been a patient of ours for a few years along with her brother, Portland, and her sister, Summer.

Recently, Nala presented to us for losing weight and vomiting. Our doctors tried several rounds of antibiotics and antiemetics to improve her condition over the course of two months. Nala’s human parents were very patient with us while we performed various tests on her and were always open to any suggestions we might have. However, despite our attempts, Nala wasn’t getting better. Finally, after two and a half months of persistent treatment, Dr. Joe Kendrick decided it was time to take the surgical approach and perform an exploratory surgery. This proved to be a success because we found a very large tumor invading her small intestine. After removing it and allowing Nala ample recovery time, she is back to her normal self again which includes chasing her tail playing with her siblings. She has also gained back six pounds already! We are thrilled to know that Nala and her family finally have an answer to her mystery illness and that they can now be at ease. We thank them for being great patients/clients!