Featured Pet: Linus

linus_varnesLook at those ears! This little guy is Linus Varnes who is our newly recognized featured pet! We chose Linus because we wanted a patient that represented overcoming hard times and was currently on the road to recovery. This sweet boy came to us in September struggling with an unknown illness which we later diagnosed as Addison’s Disease. This disease is a disorder of the adrenal glands in which the adrenal hormone isn’t producing properly. The Varnes, and our doctors fought tirelessly to get this little guy better and after many combinations of tests and medicines, their efforts paid off. Today, Linus is a healthy, happy pup that enjoys chasing squirrels and chipmunks, watching John Wayne movies, and playing with his sister, Gracie. While we all became very attached to Linus during his stay here, we are delighted that he was able to finally go home to be with his family. It’s safe to say that he will always be welcome to come spend the day with us any time he wants, or any time he wants a few (or 20) dog cookies. Congratulations Linus!