Featured Pet: Hoss

hoss_harrodWe would like to introduce you to Hoss Harrod. He is a Labrador Retriever who turned 10 years old this past January. The Harrods have been clients of the Asheville Highway Animal Hospital for 15+ years. Hoss’ first visit to the hospital was as a young pup in 1995 to receive vaccinations. Everyone knew at his first visit that he was going to grow into a strapping young man and he has by weighing in at 122 pounds.

Hoss is always very well mannered when he comes to the clinic and we all know who he is when he enters the building. He likes to greet all of our staff and is always ready and willing to receive his bath and dip (along with a doggie massage). He likes to run the fields where he lives and loves spending time with his family who adores him. We are proud to have the Harrods as part of our hospital family and look forward to serving them in the years to come.