Featured Pet: Wyatt

IMG_6661This month’s pet spotlight goes to a sweet little pit bull pup named Wyatt (Earp). Wyatt came to us as a very sick boy that suffered from diarrhea, lethargy and inappetance. After arriving for their appointment, the owners realized they could not properly care for his medical needs and surrendered him to one of our employees that agreed to take him in. After a few days of eating vet-recommended food, we realized that Wyatt was not gaining weight like he should and had also developed a light cough. Concerned that his health may be declining further, the doctors decided to do a blood panel in hopes that it may help shed some light onto his situation. The results showed that he was anemic and was not producing reticulocytes (immature red blood cells) which meant his bone marrow wasn’t working correctly. We immediately did a blood transfusion and sent samples to a lab for extra help in discovering the root cause in Wyatt’s condition. The results were back the next morning and were anything but expected: Canine Distemper. Unfortunately, distemper is a contagious and serious viral illness which can mimic a simple cold but then progresses to neurological signs including seizures. It can be fatal and there is no cure, however supportive care can be initiated with fluids and medications. Sadly, Wyatt’s illness worsened when the seizures started and his owner made the hard decision to humanely euthanize him. Through his sad story, we hope we can raise awareness about a disease that could effect your own companion if not properly vaccinated.