Featured Pet: Nala

nalaThis pretty little Pointer mix is Nala. She has been a patient of ours for a few years along with her brother, Portland, and her sister, Summer.

Recently, Nala presented to us for losing weight and vomiting. Our doctors tried several rounds of antibiotics and antiemetics to improve her condition over the course of two months. Nala’s human parents were very patient with us while we performed various tests on her and were always open to any suggestions we might have. However, despite our attempts, Nala wasn’t getting better. Finally, after two and a half months of persistent treatment, Dr. Joe Kendrick decided it was time to take the surgical approach and perform an exploratory surgery. This proved to be a success because we found a very large tumor invading her small intestine. After removing it and allowing Nala ample recovery time, she is back to her normal self again which includes chasing her tail playing with her siblings. She has also gained back six pounds already! We are thrilled to know that Nala and her family finally have an answer to her mystery illness and that they can now be at ease. We thank them for being great patients/clients!


Featured Pet: Forrest

forrestForrest first came to our clinic in October 2008. He had been run over by a car and was badly injured. After radiographs were taken it was shown that Forrest had suffered two broken rear legs. His family was unable to care for him and one of our employees had fallen in love with him so he got a new home. After having surgery and months of rehabilitation, Forrest finally walked on his own much to the surprise of his mommy and all the AHAH employees and doctors. Forrest loves coming to the hospital and visiting with the people to saved his life. His favorite pastimes are playing with his best friend Dino and cuddling with his mommy.

Featured Pet: Buddy

buddy_riceThis beautiful boy is Buddy Rice aka Rice cakes. Buddy arrived at our clinic in early April 2012 with two different gun shot wounds to both his front and hind legs. For the first several days, Buddy would not allow anyone to come near him because of his fear of strangers and also his immense amount of pain. After performing his first surgery to pin the hind leg, we were able to alieviate some of his pain and slowly begin to form a relationship. Buddy’s owners decided, along with the doctors, to leave him in our care until he was fully able to put a substantial amount of weight on his hind leg and hopefully able to walk again. By the second month of him being here, he was spending lunch breaks with the techs down in the break room lounging about on the couches. By the third month, after another leg surgery, Buddy was beginning to slowly put his leg down and bearing more weight on it which was a huge success. By his fourth and final month, after lots of TLC and daily electro-magnetic therapy, Buddy was walking with all four of his legs! When it was time for him to go home there wasn’t a dry eye in the clinic, but his owners promised us that they would bring him in to visit often and would board him with us when they went out of town. We all miss him greatly and still refer to him as our “clinic mascot”, but we are elated that he has become such a success story here at his AHAH home away home.

Featured Pet: Linus

linus_varnesLook at those ears! This little guy is Linus Varnes who is our newly recognized featured pet! We chose Linus because we wanted a patient that represented overcoming hard times and was currently on the road to recovery. This sweet boy came to us in September struggling with an unknown illness which we later diagnosed as Addison’s Disease. This disease is a disorder of the adrenal glands in which the adrenal hormone isn’t producing properly. The Varnes, and our doctors fought tirelessly to get this little guy better and after many combinations of tests and medicines, their efforts paid off. Today, Linus is a healthy, happy pup that enjoys chasing squirrels and chipmunks, watching John Wayne movies, and playing with his sister, Gracie. While we all became very attached to Linus during his stay here, we are delighted that he was able to finally go home to be with his family. It’s safe to say that he will always be welcome to come spend the day with us any time he wants, or any time he wants a few (or 20) dog cookies. Congratulations Linus!

Featured Pet: Sage

sage_tomerlinWe would like to introduce to you Sage Tomerlin. She is a rescue dog who is a St. Bernard and Golden Retriever mix. Her nick name is “Nana” or “Nana Goat” because she will eat ANYTHING!!

Although Sage recently lost her big brother “Lil Man”, she is still very playful and a big talker. If she were in school, she would be known as the class clown. She loves to give kisses. She has a big sister named Ace who is a very sweet Akita. Sage was in the Habit program where she volunteered at Baptist Hospital on the adult physical therapy floor. Her family loves her very much and she is adored by anyone who meets her.