Featured Pet: Buster

buster-2013Meet Buster! This hotrod came to us a few months ago when he wasn’t able to use his hind legs anymore, which is common for his breed when they have spinal disk disease. Our doctors used a few different therapies on him, but couldn’t seem to get any significant response. One day, our handy kennel staff member, Johnny, decided that he could make Buster a wheelchair that might aid in his ability to get around. Just a few days later Johnny had a handmade, personalized cart ready for Buster to try out. It took a few trails of milk-bones to get him to figure out how to move his feet around the wheels, but by the end of the second day he was rolling all over the clinic! We were so excited to call his daddy and tell him that he would be able to take his boy home sooner than expected and with his own set of wheels. Today we are happy to announce that Buster is actually using his hind legs on his own, thanks to the help of the cart which provided a therapeutic tool in his recovery.